The Practical Benefits of Vehicle Wraps for Fleet Management

Whether you are driving down the street or through your city, a business vehicle wrap can get you noticed. This eye-catching branding tool is a great way to promote your company’s logo and unique message. Studies show that consumers who see a wrapped vehicle are 15 times more likely to remember the brand and 30 percent more likely to make a buying decision.

This kind of branding is perfect for fleet management because it helps companies reach a wide audience of potential customers wherever they go. Wraps are effective marketing tools for all types of businesses, including small and large scale enterprises. Compared to other marketing campaigns, such as those in the Yellow Pages, vehicle graphics are much more affordable and deliver a greater return on investment.

In addition to promoting the company’s name and logo, fleet vehicle wraps can include important information about services offered. These can include a contact phone number, website address and social media platforms. The wrapping can also be designed to highlight special promotions or discounts. This can help the company stand out from the competition and attract new clients.

Aside from promoting the company’s image, fleet wraps protect the vehicles from scrapes and scratches. This is especially important if you are working with older models of cars and trucks. Wraps can also improve the appearance of a vehicle and make it look much newer. This is a great option for commercial companies that are trying to maintain their image in a competitive industry.

Unlike other forms of advertising, vehicle wraps can be easily changed as the company’s needs change. This makes them a cost-effective solution for the long term. For example, airbrushed or painted-on visuals can be hard to change, but vinyl can be easily removed and replaced with a fresh design. The wraps also help to protect the paint from fading and weathering, making them a valuable investment for any company with a fleet of vehicles.

Another practical benefit is that fleet wraps can be installed at a fraction of the time it would take to paint the vehicle. In fact, the process is so fast that it can sometimes be done without ever leaving the road. This is especially beneficial for fleets of large vehicles, such as buses or trucks. Aside from reducing downtime, this allows companies to spend more time on delivering their services to clients.

Vehicle wraps are suitable for all types of vehicles, from sedans to vans and even trucks. They can be designed for one or more vehicles within a fleet, or for an entire group of cars in a particular region. The wraps can be designed in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures. For example, specialty vinyl’s can be used to create a carbon fiber or iridescent finish on a vehicle.

If you are considering using vehicle wraps for your fleet, it is important to work with a reputable graphic designer. They should be familiar with your company’s branding standards and make sure that the vehicle wrap design is consistent with other branding materials, such as business cards, uniforms and the company website. They should also understand the importance of incorporating appropriate imagery to convey your brand’s messaging in the most effective manner.

If you’re ready to harness the power of your fleet vehicle to increase brand recognition and grow your business, contact a local Fresno signs & graphics shop today for a complimentary consultation. We specialize in commercial vehicle wraps, car wrapping, and high-quality commercial signage and can help your company get noticed on the road with a customized design that’s uniquely you.